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Fructose Filling Machine QF-08

Machine Style:QF-08 Voltage:220V/110V/50Hz/60Hz Power:200 W Outflow:250cc/min Machine Size:400mm(L)*150mm(W)*400mm(H) Capacity:5L Filling error:±1cc~2cc Total Wt:6.1kg
  • Machine StyleQF-08
    Power200 W
    Machine Size:400mm(L)*150mm(W)*400mm(H)
    Filling Error:±1cc~2cc
    Total Wt:6.1kg

    Accurate photoelectric detection technology, freely set 0.5cc ~ 500cc liquid filling volume.
    10 sets of security system, easy to operate, easy to ensure food taste consistency.
    High-precision microcomputer detection, automatic alarm when lacking.
    Automatic heating and insulation system,  avoid fructose cyrstallizatioon caused by low temperature.
    Patented pad water injection design to prevent ants invasion.
    The exclusive creative chain buckle design, facilitates the extension of the machine link and the use of raw material management.
    The external body structure is cast with the mobile phone specification ABS. It is crash-resistant, scratch-resistant, and elegant.
    Exclusive seven colors, visual appearance. Different category for different color, easy to manage.
    Applicable to use in beverage shops, breakfast shops, coffee shops, restaurant, etc.
    Suitable for quantitative filling of highly viscous, non-granular liquids such as fructose, sucrose, honey, and condensed milk.

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